Flextron has several different saws to meet “cut to length” requirements.

  1. High Volume Cutting
  2. Close Tolerance Cutting
  3. Large Diameter Cutting
  4. Short Lengths
  5. Long Lengths


The cutting process generally leaves “metal burrs” on the cut to length hose. Flextron uses a wire brush deburring machine to remove burrs and sharp edges from cut lengths.


Flextron uses a water soluable animal fat lubricant during the manufacturing process. If needed, the tubing can degreased in our ultra-sonic degreasing chambers.

PVC & Other Coatings

Flextron can also accommodate customers who need to have an extruded plastic covering applied to their tubing. Examples: Clear PVC, Black PVC, High temperature Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomers, etc.