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Our Services

Cutting: Flextron has several different saws to meet "cut to length" requirements.

1. High Volume Cutting
2. Close Tolerance Cutting
3. Large Diameter Cutting
4. Short Lengths
5. Long Lengths
Deburring: The cutting process generally leaves "metal burrs" on the cut to length hose.
Flextron uses a wire brush deburring machine to remove burrs and sharp edges from cut lengths.
Degreasing: Flextron uses a water soluable animal fat lubricant during the manufacturing process.
If needed, the tubing can degreased in our ultra-sonic degreasing chambers.
Electro Polishing: Electropolishing stainless steel creates a chrome like appearance. It is accomplished by submerging cut lengths into a chemical electrolyte bath in combination with a rectified electric current. The process removes a small layer of the surface and results in a bright shiny finish.
PVC & Other Coatings Flextron can also accommodate customers who need to have an extruded plastic covering applied to their tubing. Examples: Clear PVC, Black PVC, High temperature Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomers, etc.
Braiding Braid is a woven metal cover that can be produced over tubing. Flextron can also manufacture metal braid over the stripwound metal hose.